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December 8th, 2010

Fun Home

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The main idea of Watson’s paragraph appears at the end where she writes, ” Fun Home’s improvisations upon the terms of autobiography in its graphic disclosures draw on the hybrid form of autobiographics to explore complex formations of gender and sexuality in the modern family”. She gives supplementary text in the beginning that foreshadows this in which Watson writes, ” Fun Home invites- and requires- readers to read differently to attend to disjunctions between the cartoon panel and the verbal text, to disrupt the seeming forward motion of the cartoon sequence and adpot a reflexive and recursive reading practice”.  Watson argues that Fun Home’s genre of an autobiographical comic is a different and inventive genre that does not usually speak to gender and sexuality issues, which are complicated in text let alone autobiographical comics. Watson introduces her quote by naming the author first, then proceeding to use the quotation. The quotes support her argument as opposed to providing a counter argument.

I agree with Watson. This genre is a unique way to discuss gender and sexuality. I found p.74 interesting, where Allison Bechdel decides to look up the word “Lesbian”, as if it could only be defined in one way. That was a part of Bechdel’s exploration in both finding and defining who she is. The comic made the image that much more vivid, because we saw the drawing in the frame. The words were printed. The drawing allowed us to see Bechdel’s Point of View as opposed to imagining it as we must in other genres.

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