Autobiography post 1

November 26th, 2010

First Draft for Paper

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Food Therapy found in Food Memoirs

November 3rd, 2010

Back to Bedlam and Part Way Back

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Anne Sexton was a powerful woman, and that translated into her writing. She was so powerful; at times she did not know how to handle it, which contributed to her trying to reclaim her identity. Her poems are full of themes that include fear and a longing for identity. Many times, there is a tone of lament in the poems she has written.  This theme arises with the intertextuality of “Kind Sir: These Words” it was as if Anne was looking for comfort with the fact that she was lost and desperately needed to find herself. She writes “Still, I search in these woods and find nothing worse than myself, caught between grapes and thorns.”(5) This is the last line of one of the very first poems in this collection. This poem is significant to the collection as a whole because she Anne is eagerly trying to reconcile the idea of who she is, and who she should be.

The last poem of this collection entitled “For John, who begs me not to enquire further” is in direct dialogue with “Kind Sir: These Words”.  In this poem, Sexton speaks of having her portrait done. A painting. A portrait can never fully capture who you are, and it puts you in a specific light- mostly the light that one wants to be presented in. It is as if she wants to stay in a particular vessel where she will always be the same, constant- like in a portrait.

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